SURSA Oral History

The Interviews

Here, we have made our interviews available by name, using surnames.

Mike Makower
  Mike Makower :
Rob Marshall
  Rob Marshall :
Paul Martin
  Paul Martin :
Alan Millar
  Alan Millar :
Jane Mitchell
  Jane & Mike Mitchell :
Matilda Mitchell
  Matilda Mitchell :
Sheila Mitchell
  Sheila Mitchell :
Ian Moffatt
  Ian Moffatt :
Sheila Newton
  Sheila Newton :
Alastair Niven
  Alastair Niven :
Ian Paterson
  Ian Paterson :
Lorna Paterson
  Lorna Paterson :
Ian Paterson
  David Payne :
Ian Paterson
  Gordon Peacock : A written contribution:
Alf Philip
  Alf Philip :
Anthony Phillips
  Anthony Phillips :
Tony Pitson
  Tony Pitson :