SURSA Oral History

The Interviews

Here, we have made our interviews available by name, using surnames.

Eric Richards
  Eric Richards :
Margaret Richards
  Margaret Richards :
Mike Roberts
  Mike Roberts :
Ron Roberts
  Ron Roberts :
Douglas Robertson
  Douglas Robertson :
Cherry Rowlings
  Cherry Rowlings :
Carolyn Rowlinson
  Carolyn Rowlinson :
Peter Rowlinson
  Peter Rowlinson :
Robin Ruffell
  Robin Ruffell :
Fiona Russell
  Fiona Russell :
Janet Margaret and Ann
  Ann Savage :
Alistair Scolley
  Alistair Scolley :
Jonathan Shepherd
  Jonathan Shepherd :
John Short
  John Short :
Duncan Sim
  Duncan Sim :
Anne Simpson
  Anne Simpson :
Colin Sinclair
  Colin Sinclair :
Kate Skinner
  Kate Skinner :
Janette Sloan
  Janette Sloan :
Angela Smith
  Angela Smith :
Grahame Smith
  Grahame Smith :
Alistair Spowage
  Alistair Spowage :
Ron Stewart
  Ron Stewart :