SURSA Oral History

The Interviews

Here, we have made our interviews available by name, using surnames.

Douglas Hall
  Nancy Haddow :
Douglas Hall
  Douglas Hall :
Christine Hallett
  Christine Hallett :
Alan Hamilton
  Alan Hamilton :
Marian Hara
  Marian Hara (Orr):
Fred Holliday
  Fred Holliday :
Isabel Holroyd
  Isabel Holroyd :
Peter Holt
  Peter Holt :
Mary Hunter
  Mary Hunter :
John Izod
  John Izod :
Jackie Kay
  Jackie Kay :
Richard Kilborn
  Christine Kelt :
William Kidd
   William Kidd : Click >>  to play video
Richard Kilborn
  Richard Kilborn :
Cate King
  Cate King (Houston) :
Brian Loasby
  Brian Loasby :
Ian Lockerbie
  Ian Lockerbie :