SURSA Oral History

The Interviews

Here, we have made our interviews available by name, using surnames.

Alec MacDonald
  Alec MacDonald :
Neil MacFarlane
  Neil MacFarlane:
Lorn Macintyre
  Lorn Macintyre :
Alasdair Macrae
  Alasdair Macrae :
Pat McCall
  Pat McCall :
Sir Callum McCarthy
  [Sir] Callum McCarthy :
Penny McCarthy
  Penny McCarthy :
Jack McConnell
  Jack McConnell :
John McCracken
  John McCracken :
Rodger McEwan
  Rodger McEwan :
Peter McEwen
  Peter McEwen :
Bob McKean
  Bob McKean :
Stuart McKelvie
  Stuart McKelvie :
Maureen McKerracher
  Maureen McKerracher :
Willis Nan and Helen
  Willis McLeod:
Donald McLusky
  Donald McLusky :