SURSA Oral History

Our Students : Videos 2016

This collection of videos showcases the views of some of our current students on life at Stirling. We are extremely grateful to all our students who agreed to take part and for engaging so enthusiastically.

Our thanks go to Dr Dario Sinforiani, Head of Production Teaching, Division of Communications, Media & Culture who facilitated production of these videos and has made them available to us via Stirling University Productions on Vimeo®

Beth Cairns : Criminology & Sociology.

Anna Duff : History.

Simron Kandola : Human Resources & Law.

Jennifer Wartnaby : PhD.

Poppy Prior : Law.

Regina Mosch : Law.

Rebekah Smart : Film and Media & English.

Calum Williamson : Marine Biology.

Lea Barbett : Psychology & Film and Media.

Shankar Mandal : PhD in Aquaculture.

Petra Peterkova : Computing Science.

Ahmed Elkesh : PhD in Aquaculture.